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Greene County Chimney Memorial – Dedicated July 6, 2019

The Story

It was decided that there should be a national park in the eastern United States and The Blue Ridge Mountains were chosen. Part of it would become Shenandoah National Park. People who lived in the mountains were characterized as uneducated and uncivilized and many people believed they would benefit from moving out of the mountains. The Commonwealth of Virginia used eminent domain to condemn their homes and land, in turn giving it to the Federal government to create the park. The families were paid for their land, but none in Greene County left willingly.


Approximately 180 Greene County family members and landowners were displaced, plus four churches and four schools were destroyed. Six residents were granted “lifetime tenure” based on age and other considerations.

Greene County land tracts of approximately 40,000 acres were included in the original proposed 1926 area, however, by the 1936 park dedication the park acreage

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